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Houston, Texas Wedding | Mary & Ben | February 25th, 2012

When you hear the term “backyard wedding reception,” you probably think of a modest DIY get-together with a small group of immediate family & best friends. Time to redefine your expectations…this backyard reception was grander than most ballrooms. I found myself forgetting that I was in a home, as Keely Thorne Events, Mary, Ben, and their families did such a fabulous job transforming the place into a beautiful wedding reception venue. Amazing. I would expect nothing less from a couple that chose the awesome Hotel ZaZa as their prep location and the beautiful St. Paul’s Methodist for their ceremony. Extra bonus points to anyone who can guess what Ben was saying to Mary (while sitting under the tree) to make her laugh so hard…good luck!

By the way, for you fellow photography buffs out there – bonus points AND a high five to anyone who can correctly pick out the 2 images from this post that were shot on black and white medium format (6×4.5) film. I’ve been shooting a few rolls here and there lately and I’m really loving the results…

Houston wedding at Hotel ZaZa, black and white medium format film, Jake Holt Photography

Houston wedding at Hotel ZaZa photographed by Jake Holt Photography

Hotel ZaZa Houston wedding by Jake Holt Photography, Austin wedding photographer

Hundreds more images to come soon at www.jakeholt.instaproofs.com!

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  • angelica - omg a pink dress! i love it!!

  • Patricia Henry - Exquisite…One of my most memorable “event” in Houston, after living here for 22 years…Congratulations … my beautiful young friend..

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